NAGA CITY — Supporters of both Tato Mendoza’s TM-SMaRT and Legacion’s Team Naga clashed with one another Wednesday night at a Senior Citizen’s event in Barangay Lerma, this city.

As per videos circulated over social media platform Facebook, Tato Mendoza was initially invited by the Senior Citizens’ council of Barangay Lerma which led to Lerma Punong Barangay Domingo Serrado to order the sound system operator to cut Mendoza’s microphone as he asserted that there should be no messages given by any political candidate in the said event.

Moments later Legacion arrived and was given the microphone. Midway into his message, supporters of Mendoza shouted and asserted that Legacion should not give any message as what they have done also with Mendoza. At this time, Serrado, a staunch supporter of Legacion and Team Naga, confronted one of Mendoza’s supporters (as per the videos posted) asserting that they should respect Legacion and Team Naga, denying he was the one who ordered that no candidate should give any message during the event.

In an interview with Mrs. Napay over at a local radio station, she stated that she solicited from Tato Mendoza Php 5,000 worth initially for food for the said event, but then used for the prizes for the games the chairman of the organization already covered the said costs for food.

(Skip to 18:50 for the news item)


Photos & Videos courtesy of Jhiel Lhynne & KM Kakampi MO on Facebook