Just this monday, August 12, 2019, we decided to adjust our TV aerial (antenna) on our roof and decided to rescan existing channels and maybe find a few new ones, but we did get more than what we were expecting.

Digital Terrestrial TV broadcasts enters Naga City!

And by what I mean digital TV is that Naga City, here in Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region, can now finally taste the long awaited ISDB-T Digital TV bringing it crystal-clear reception anytime, anywhere, even on the road or locations with difficult reception.

But the catch here is that it’s not from any mainstream network here, not ABS-CBN, not even GMA Network, but from the Globe-operated/owned/affiliated (whatever you call it) Broadcast Enterprises and Affiliated Media, Inc. (BEAM) TV Network with channels 32 (analog) and 35 (digital) here in Naga City.

As of August 12, 2019, all digital channels by broadcast by BEAM here in Naga is the same as its main Manila station, save for the 1-seg broadcast (we’re thinking that they’re still configuring its digital channels as there are audio-video sync issues during the short monitoring period we had)

35.1Pop Life TV
35.2BEAM SD-2 (Reserved)
35.4BEAM SD-4 (Blank)
35.5Island Living/Pilipinas HD
35.6Life TV
35.7Pop Life Lite
35.8Inquirer 990

All other channels aired here in Naga City are still in Analog:

ChannelStation Name
4PTV 4 Naga
5PBN TV5 Naga
7GMA 7 Naga
11ABS-CBN TV11 Naga
32BEAM (Analog broadcast)
405 Plus
44GMA 7 Naga (low-power)
48One Media TV48 Naga (Formerly GNN TV48 Naga)

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